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springboarding out into space

glacialchronognosis said: oh. oh man i almost forgot about him thats right omg. god gendou is pretty fucked up (wait ok did he sleep with both??? women in the akagi family like? ? both ritsuko and her mom like? ? ? wtf)

Oh yes, he is so fucked up. (Yes, he did. He fricked them both. Mostly just for the evulz(?)/lulz(not really)/more information about important shit. But regardless, he fricked them both like the assholish shit he is.)

Posted: Sunday 12th May at 3:32am
  1. glacialchronognosis said: (wow ok because that just occurred to me and it was a strange moment of realization. man gendou is just??? the worst hE S A PART OF THE #1 WORST DAD LIST OMFG
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